O somma luce

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剧情:剧情片《O somma luce》(又名:暂无)讲述了The lines start with “O Somma Luce” which is the title of the film and also the 67th line of the 33rd canto in “Paradiso” of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” to the end of “Paradiso”.  The film is completed with music and lines instead of emotions and narrations.  This is a recent attempt to combine film with literature.  The film begins with a black screen and the music of Edgard Varese. The BGM is “Deserts” that was recorded in 1954. After some moments of darkness, the music ends and a middle-aged man sits on a hill, reciting something. He is Giorgio Passerone, an Italian literature professor, and he is reading out of the last part of ‘Paradiso’ of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Jean-Marie Straub expressed how he thinks of Dante through a subtle accent and dialect. The director who had encoded many great artists and musicians including Bach, complete the combination of Dante and Varese, which could seem strange. (Lim Kyung Yong)

简介:《O somma luce》(又名:暂无)是由Jean-Marie Straub 导演的一部剧情片,O somma luce在法国首映,并在2010第一时间上映,主要演员有Giorgio Passerone 等主演,新视觉影院为大家提供O somma luce全集完整版免费在线观看,支持手机、平板、电脑多终端超清免费播放,新视觉影院O somma luce现更新至HD中字。




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